A thin coyote spotted roaming around a playground in Ottawa's south end just metres away from children playing on a play structure has prompted a call for the city to hire a trapper to remove the animal.

Coun. Diane Deans has contacted a licensed trapper to get rid of the coyote, pending approval from Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources. The coyote is thin, and appears to be looking for food in the area.

"We believe it has mange. There's no hair on its tail. We believe it has mange, there's no hair on its tail," said Deans.

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However, coyotes aren't just being spotted in the city's south end. They've also been spotted wandering around Robertson and Eagleson Roads in Kanata, as well as Cardinal Creek, located off Trim Road in Orleans.

The Cardinal Creek Community Association has posted information about recent coyote activity on the organization's Facebook page, and is advising residents to contact the city to report any sightings of the animals.

One Cardinal Creek resident says she's seen coyotes wandering in the area at least once every week over the last year.

Staying safe

Residents concerned about the presence of coyotes near their homes are advised to keep their dogs on leashes, and never leave pets unattended. Residents are also urged to make sure garbage is kept in a secured area, and food scraps are never left unattended outdoors.

Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources says coyotes generally tend to avoid people. If the animals do get close, people should not approach them.

The ministry says people should also never feed coyotes, which can make the animals less fearful of humans.

If you encounter a coyote:

  • Never attempt to tame the animal
  • Never turn your back or run from a coyote. Instead, back away from the animal and remain calm.
  • Use whistles or personal alarm devices to frighten the animal if it approaches you.