OTTAWA -- Ottawa police are cautioning Barrhaven residents about two coyotes that were spotted Saturday morning "precariously approaching a person on foot."

Police said in a news release that the animals were seen near Ken Ross Park in the Longfields Drive and Chianti Grove area.

"We would like to remind Ottawa residents that coyotes are known to occupy wooden areas and parks around the Greenbelt Area, and that these animals can be unpredictable at times and also preying on domestic pets or even isolated pedestrians," police said. "Please stay alert when walking across or along parks and call 911 immediately if a threatening encounter with a coyote takes place."

In June, coyote attacks were reported in Riverside South, prompting police to eventually kill one of them.

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Ottawa Police and Ottawa Bylaw have the following tips if you encounter aggressive wild animals:

  • Never approach or touch the animal
  • Do not turn your back on the animal or run from it
  • Back away while remaining calm
  • Stand tall, wave your hands and make lots of noise
  • Carry a flashlight when walking at night

Police say if a wild animal scratches or bites resulting in skin breakage, residents should also contact Ottawa Public Health (or 311 after hours) to speak with a Public Health Inspector.