A video showing Kevin Gregson, the former Mountie accused of killing an Ottawa police officer, being interrogated in the hours after Cst. Eric Czapnik's murder was shown in court Tuesday as Gregson's trial continued.

The lights in the courtroom were dimmed just before noon as the three-hour video began.

In the video, Gregson details his activities in the days prior to Czapnik's stabbing in the parking lot of the Civic Hospital on Dec. 29, 2009. 

Gregson said the night before Czapnik's murder, he was out looking for a gun to kill himself. He also said he cut his neck six times that night.

"My intent was to die," he said. "So I needed a gun...Police officer have guns...so I went to a hospital.

"There's always cops there."

The investigator asked Gregson if he wanted an officer to shoot him. He said, "No, I wanted to do it at home on my sofa or bathtub."

He said he just wanted a gun.

Gregson also told investigators that if Czapnik's children ever came to him, he would say he was sorry.

He appeared to be calm on the tape and investigators say he was polite and cooperative. He knew he had been charged with murder.

At one point he tells the investigator, "I'm finished," and calls himself a "monster."

The court also heard testimony from the lead investigator in the case, Tim Hodgins, who was in the video with Gregson. He said he was called at 5:20 a.m. on Dec. 29, 2009 after Czapnik was stabbed.

Hodgins said the scene at the hospital was "surreal" when he arrived. More than 30 cruisers were on scene. Many officers had their heads down, saddened by the death of their colleague.

Tuesday's developments come after Gregson's ex-wife testified on Monday.

Gregson's ex-wife, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, testified that on Dec. 28, 2009 she confronted Gregson with allegations of a sexual crime. She says a 10-year-old girl told her Gregson had raped her.

The confrontation happened just hours before Czapnik was murdered. Gregson's ex-wife says Gregson left saying "I'm done" and that the RCMP would be "jumping on this" whether it was true or not. According to his ex-wife, Gregson denied it happened.

The allegations of rape have not been proven and will go before the court at a separate and unrelated trial in September.

The judge warned the jury of this and said to consider the allegation as part of an "unfolding narrative." The jury is not to make any assumptions about his character based on the sex assault accusation.

Last week the courts heard about Gregson's troubled career as a Mountie and how he had been under internal review for years before a decision he resign or be formally dismissed was handed down.

The courts will also hear allegations of a carjacking by Gregson the night before Czapnik was killed.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem