OTTAWA -- Monday is day one of court proceedings between ClubLink, the company that owns the Kanata Golf & Country Club, and the City of Ottawa.

In October 2019, ClubLink formally applied to the City of Ottawa to bulldoze the golf course and build more homes, in partnership with Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes.

The City later filed the paperwork to bring the case to court. The City wants ClubLink to withdraw its building application or offer the land to the City for free.

The City insists the community must be maintained with 40 per cent greenspace because of an agreement signed in the 1980s between the City of Kanata and developers.

The court will also hear from the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition, a group of residents who live in the area and are trying to stop the development from going forward.

"I hope we win in court. It's a first step but it is only a first step," said Jen Fyfe with the coalition. "We want to stand up for our homes. When my husband and I moved here, we wanted this to be our forever home. We raised our kids here. We dont want them to destroy to neighborhood around us."

Local golfers told CTV News that they would not like to lose the course.

"It is like my second home. Whether you use it in the winter or summer, it is a year round amenity that we all use and enjoy in the community," said Judy Hansen.

"To lose this green space would be a real shame," said Jan Stonehouse.

CTV News has reached out to ClubLink for comment but has not heard back.

In the past, the company has said redevelopment would be a better use of the property because the golf course has seen a decline in use in recent years, while costs to maintain the course continue to rise.

"Across Canada, participation levels have declined and people are playing less golf, while operating costs continue to rise. Kanata Golf & Country Club has felt the pressure of these trends. We believe there is potential for greater public and community benefit if we explore options to repurpose these lands."

On its website outlining the proposed project,, ClubLink says it intends to maintain at least 25 per cent green space.

"It is our intention to dedicate more than 25% of the property to high quality, public accessible green space – including new parks, trails, ponds, and landscaped buffers. The remainder of the property will be dedicated to the development of new homes that will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding community," ClubLink says.

The company maintains that the 40% Agreement includes provisions that allow for redevelopment.