OTTAWA -- A two-kilometre stretch of Bank Street will be widened from two lanes to four through Findlay Creek.

Councillors George Darouze and Carol Anne Meehan announced construction will begin in 2022 to widen Bank Street from just south of Leitrim Road to Dun Skipper Drive.

In a statement, the Councillors say Council voted in 2013 to delay the widening until 2031.

“The Councillors have been pushing for this vital upgrade to happen sooner, in 2022,” the Councillors said on Monday.

“Thanks to the Councillors’ hard work, and the level of community engagement on this important issue, residents will no longer have to fight traffic trying to get to and from home.”

Design work will begin in 2021, and construction is set to start in 2022.

In a video on Twitter, Councillor Meehan says the two will “work hard from now until budget time to ensure that money stays there and this essential road gets done, finally.”