OTTAWA -- An Ottawa Councillor wants Council to formally oppose Quebec’s ban on religious symbols.

Coun. Shawn Menard will introduce a motion at Wednesday’s Council meeting calling on Council to oppose Quebec’s Bill 21 and support in principal the constitutional challenge to the legislation.

The governing Coalition Avenir Quebec passed legislation last year to ban certain public sector workers from wearing religious symbols at work, including turbans, hijabs and kippahs.

In the motion, Menard says “the City of Ottawa stands firmly to support religious freedom as this is aligned with the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.”

Menard’s motion adds “Bill 21 is a divisive law that perpetuates exclusion, discrimination, and class division by increasing systematic barriers to employment for religious rights.”

Menard is asking Council to oppose Quebec’s Bill 21, and forward a copy of the motion to the Premier of Quebec.

In November, the Ontario Government passed a motion urging Premier Doug Ford to ask Quebec to repeal Bill 21. Several Canadian municipalities have passed a motion condemning the legislation, including Toronto, Mississauga, Calgary and Winnipeg.