Residents of one eastern Ontario community are breaking out their chainsaws to clear fallen trees from several kilometres of roadway on Tuesday.

Severe thunderstorms left wind and hail damage across the region including in Norway Lake near Calabogie, where cars were blocked from getting in or leaving by multiple downed trees.

"(It was) biblical, I've never seen anything like it," said Peter Renaud.

"The roof came in and I actually felt it on my head," said Sarah Jones of what happened when she was driving Monday afternoon. "Somebody was watching over me."

Tree damage to vehicles and cottages was revealed after a path was cleared, including a couple trapped inside their home by a downed tree and hydro wires.

"We're feeling trapped becayse we haven't been able to help anybody," said Margy McGregor and Mark Gallivan, who have been told to not go outside because of the electricution risk.

The community came together to help clear debris away where they could, but some was too severe for human power to take care of.

"Logistically (this tree) is going to be very difficult to remove, because it's huge, it's heavy and it's embedded in my roof," said Jacques Charron.

A disaster relief team has been sent to the Calabogie Community Centre to assist, as the fact power could be back as late as Thursday night isn't helping matters.


There are still a few other areas without power, including around 5,500 near Arnprior.

A bit farther west, reports of a twister near near Golden Lake and Lake Dore by Eganville are still unconfirmed.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem