The search for cheap gas in Ottawa has taken a new turn, as Costco has announced it will offer a discount at its Merivale location this fall – if you have a membership.

The wholesale retailer already sells gas in Toronto at a few cents per litre below the regular price, but this kind of deal will be new to Ottawa.

One professor said this new entry could force the hand of other retailers.

"I think Ottawans are in for a treat," said Robin Ritchief with Carleton University's Sprott School of Business. "Not just because Costco is coming here but because of the price pressure it's going to put on gas stations across the city."

Other companies were already tying in discount gas prices as part of their offers.

Petro Canada will take five cents a litre off their gasoline price if you buy two Works or Superworks car washes.

Canadian Tire has also been taking a nickel off their gas prices at specific Ottawa locations – this week the deal is at its Rockland and Barrhaven locations.

People at the pumps said they already have their strategies for cutting their fuel bill.

"I'm pretty regular in gas consumption so I'm able by one or two days to pick my refill," said one customer. "So, I monitor the gas prices."

"For now, the 417 near Embrun is the cheapest we've found," another said.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley