In an Acapulco newspaper was a picture of a torched white Volkswagen Jetta -- Daniel Dion's rental car. The 51-year-old was missing for a week.

His family members went to Mexico to search for him, but the search is likely over. They have little doubt the body in the trunk is Dion, although they are awaiting DNA confirmation.

"Considering what we know and have seen, the people that killed Daniel were professionals and went greatly out of their way to leave as little trace of the vehicle and his body as possible," the family said in a statement. 

"This leads us to believe it was a contract execution."

Carried between $500 and $5,000 in cash

Dion frequently travelled to Mexico, where prisoners manufacture his eco-friendly purses. He was last seen Oct. 23, when he went for dinner with his friend.

In Carleton Place, just west of Ottawa, nobody gave a statement from his wife's business -- nor did his business partner, the mayor of the town.

Circumstances leading to his death are not clear. His family says he was carrying between $500 and $5,000 in United States cash, and there were no transactions on his credit card after he disappeared.

Body to be brought back to Canada

The family says police were co-operative in the investigation, but it took eight days to get the GPS from the car rental company to locate his car.

Members of Dion's family are expected to meet with the Canadian Consulate Monday, to make arrangments to bring his body back to Canada.

Dion's stepdaughter tells CTV News they are horrified by the discovery, but relieved they have finally found him.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman