Shannon Alexander was meant to start nursing school on Thursday. Instead, her half-brothers are desperately hoping to hear from the 17-year-old after she and a second girl disappeared from the Kitigan Zibi reserve more than two months ago.

Richard Mathewsi, 13, has been scouring the Internet for information on his missing half-sister, last seen at her father's home in Maniwaki, Que.

"Ive got this picture of her when she was eight. She is with Santa Claus, and she looks so innocent," Richard told CTV Ottawa.

His 11-year-old brother Michael liked playing video games with Shannon when she visited Ottawa, and has had nightmares since her disappearance.

Shannon and her friend Maisy Odjick, 16, left behind wallets, cell phones, and identification.

Shannon's family called her a good kid - a cadet who did well in school and planned on a nursing career. The two boys are scared that someone grabbed their half-sister, and hope she just ran away instead.

The family feels left out of the investigation. Brian Alexander worries his daughter got mixed up with the wrong crowd and has run away to another reserve, saying Maisy Odjick had fled before.

"From what I was told up north, (Maisy) was on the road for a year," Alexander said. "If I had known I wouldn't have let her in my house."

Meanwhile, the Mathewsi boys are pleading for Shannon to simply call them so they can stop fearing the worst.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Kate Eggins