CAA is there for you, and your car.
Did you know that CAA can test, replace and recycle your battery all from the comfort of your home?
As a CAA Member, take advantage of our Mobile Battery Service and make sure you are ready for winter.
CAA Members also save $25 on the cost of a new battery!
So take advantage now of CAA There for you, everyday!
Visit to become a CAA Member or call CAA at 1-844-252-3648 and stay protected year-round.

CAA Mobile Battery Service is available seven days a week in Ottawa (metro; 7:30 am-10 pm), Sudbury (7:30am – 10pm), Thunder Bay (8:30am – 7:0pm) and North Bay (24 hours a day).
If your battery fails within the first three (3) years, you’ll get a free replacement. After three (3) years, you’re protected by our discounted guarantee.
*CAA Members save $25 every day on a CAA Premium Car Battery.
Other conditions apply.
Under certain weather conditions Battery Assist will not be available.