It was a surprising scene Tuesday afternoon on Highway 417 eastbound at Lees Avenue. A construction shed, travelling along the Queensway on a truck, was too tall for the Lees Avenue overpass and got stuck right underneath.

“Somehow there was some measurement issues that were missed and caused the load to be too high,” said O.P.P. Const. Rheal Levac.

Workers at the scene called the incident a “human error” and that the height of the house and the height of the overpass didn’t match.

In order to move a load that large, a permit is required which includes the maximum width, length and height.

The truck towing the shed blew two tires as it tried to back the shed up and over the curb.

Crews had to cut the roof off the shed so it could be towed under the overpass.

"There's just some slight wood debris on the structure. It wasn't a metal or concrete structure being hauled," said Const. Levac. "It would seem that the wooden structure took more of the damage than the overpass."

Traffic on the eastbound Queensway was snarled as crews worked to clear the scene.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Norman Fetterley