The city is installing dust screens in front of stores and restaurants in the Glebe to help block dust from construction work on Bank Street.

Bank Street has been closed for more than two weeks now as crews work to replace century-old water mains between the Queensway and Holmwood Avenue.

The construction, though, is creating a hassle and keeping people away.

"It's really noisy and dusty and it's not very nice at all," said Nathan Rickerby, who is visiting Ottawa from Australia.

"We're just missing people coming from other areas. I think all businesses are missing that," added Ted Britton, owner of Britton's Magazine and Newspapers.

But the construction is necessary, and the city councillor for the area says dust is to be expected.

"A project like this is going to create dust and the more you can keep it from blowing around the better," said Coun. David Chernushenko.

Now, black canvasses are going up around the construction site to block the dust. City crews will also wet the street three times a week to try to limit the spread of dirt.

Construction in the Glebe will continue for 17 more months. However, the street will reopen in six months.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Katie Griffin