Our region is known for its beautiful golf courses.

It's rare to hear about one closing.

Golf Mont Sainte-Marie, an hour north of Ottawa, almost did, after owners gave up on it.

But the community is giving it one more swing.

“It’s one of the main attractions for one 1) people to buy here 2) to spend weekends or holidays here,” says Pauline Sauvé, a Lac-Sainte-Marie council member.

“Having it is here is vital for the community to function and grow,” added Jim Hemlin, Golf Mont Ste-Marie Interim Director.

The Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie was able to negotiate a three-year lease. It’s all about buying time to find a new owner.

A volunteer board of directors is now running the course, with the help of more than 40 people.

“They were doing everything from raking leaves to picking up branches, helping grounds crew to get themselves ready, to opening the doors,” said Hemlin.

Sauvé says they hope to build the business to get people interested in buying it.

There are incentives to drive up membership.

For more information, visit http://golfmontste-marie.com/?lang=en