The party went on in communities across the city- despite the record setting humidex.

But the heat was so stifling, it seemed to dissuade many not to attend. Most Canada Day celebrations saw only a portion of usual attendance.

Jason Halbrough brought his family to Petrie Island, because he wanted to avoid the downtown crowds and be close to the water.

He says, “It doesn’t that have nearly enough water there. And to stand around all day and we didn’t want to wait in line ... and that sounded too hot!”

But he was surprised to see how few people came to the party in Orléans. “We thought there would be bigger crowds. But I guess the heat is keeping people away.”

There were similar small crowds in Barrhaven and Kanata.

Other people opted to go to even smaller places. Jennifer Lui took her family and friends to Lansdowne for the multicultural show and in order to take advantage of the splash park and misting stations and fewer crowds.

She says. “I am kind of surprised there aren’t more people. I guess the heat scared people away!”

Communities across the city will hold separate firework shows, many say more people are expected as the temperatures lowers slightly.