Ottawa Councillor Tim Tierney says community leaders in his Beacon Hill-Cyrville ward will come together within a week to address how violence that has plagued the Jasmine Crescent area can be stopped.

Tierney says a public meeting will also be held within a month where residents can share their concerns.

Tierney demanded a meeting with Police Chief Charles Bordeleau after the third homicide on Jasmine Crescent in less than a year.

On Tuesday night, 20-year-old Nooredin Hassan was shot and killed at the intersection of Jasmine Cres. and Ogilvie Rd.

In April 2015, Connor Stevenson was killed in the stairwell of his Jasmine Cres. apartment.

A few months later in September, Issaiah Clachar was stabbed to death in a parking lot.

Clachar’s mother Caroline Letourneau says she wants to see more police presence in the neighbourhood immediately.

“Send a police car every half an hour,” she said. “When they see, they will believe that police are here. When we don't set the fear of God into somebody, we could at least set the fear of the police into someone.”