The cold snap taking over the capital is making one man's pastime a litle easier. 

Eugene Contreras started building an igloo in his backyard about twenty years ago after returning from a trip up north to teach. It takes about one day to build the masterpiece.

"A friend showed me how to do it and I've gotten better at it over the years, practice I guess," Contreras says.

The igloo takes about one day to build, and this week's bone-chilling forecast has actually made construction easier. 

"They (my friends) think it's pretty cool, a little crazy because I am out here in the cold. But the colder the better for igloo building," he says. 

Contreras says he has come to love the construction process and hopes to make igloos for many winters to come. 

"You are in the moment, you have to be in the moment because every angle is a bit different, a bit of a different challenge," he says. "It's just fun to see it come together, something that you are making with nothing other than the materials found in nature.