This time last year people in Ottawa were wearing t-shirts, drinking on patios, and teeing off at the golf course.

Warm memories that quickly vanished after today’s cold snap that dropped below -20 degrees with the wind chill.

The reminder that winter is still very much here left many bundling up and in a bad mood.

“After the last few days, it’s horrible, cold, windy and miserable,” says one person walking in the cold.

Construction workers on Spark St. were also hoping for a break from Mother Nature.

“The surprise we got last night with the wind is just incredible. It's just endless. We cannot stay warm enough,” says Robert Gagner who spent the day working on a rooftop.

He says it’s a big difference compared to the record-breaking weather Ottawa saw in the month of March, last year.

“We were doing the same type of work, we were on the roof, and I remember wearing a t-shirt,” Gagner says.

Golfers are also looking back to last year and one of the earliest starts to the season in recent history.

“Every morning I'm praying for golf season,” says Mathieu Desroches of the GolfWorks Canada.

He says sales are also much slower with the resurgence of winter weather.

“Obviously with the cold weather it's a little bit harder. People are a little bit slower. They don't feel they have to get ready. A little bit of a rush closer to the season, but they're not coming in getting new stuff,” he says.

The cold weather is expected to last well into next week.

Banner ski season extended

Skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes at Camp Fortune said they’re happy winter weather has returned to the Capital.

“Good weather, good snow,” said one skier.

“We’re lucky this year, we’re lucky to have this much snow,” said another.

At this time last year the slopes weren’t covered in snow. Many owners at hills across the region said last year’s ski season was one of the worst seasons in decades.

Many winter enthusiasts said they are enjoying this traditional Canadian winter while it lasts.

“It's great to be outside, fresh air, good company, it's [skiing is] a great sport,” said Micheline Fleming.

The return of winter weather in the middle of March is helping give the ski industry a boost.

“People were thinking that spring was on its way so it was pretty much over but this will bump up the business a little bit which is good,” said Hanna Folkins with Camp Fortune.

Night skiing at Camp Fortune ends on March 19.

With reports from CTV Ottawa’s John Hua and Katie Griffin