As Ottawa's mayor goes to trial, city councillors are pledging city business won't suffer as a result.

"I think just to get it over with will be nice," said Diane Deans, a councillor who's serving as acting mayor until Wednesday.

"Regardless of the outcome, I just hope justice prevails whatever that is and we can put this chapter behind us all and move on with the business of the city."

Others like Coun. Bob Monette say the case will not leave council without a head. Instead, he expects to see everyone pulling together.

"I believe that the leadership you will see from the 23 members will surprise a lot of people in the coming months," Monette told CTV Ottawa.

Although it has been more than a year since the mayor was formally charged, councillors say they've still managed to run the city successfully and they expect to continue to do so while the case unfolds.

"I believe it will continue to be business as usual as the trial proceeds. It's been a cloud over City Hall for some time and I think it needs to come to a timely resolution," said Coun. Steve Desroches.

"That's kind of been hanging over our heads for some time but that hasn't stopped us from doing our jobs and doing our roles within our community and bringing forward the big items that we have so far," said Coun. Christine Leadman.

Mayor Larry O'Brien pleaded not guilty plea on influence peddling charges relating to the 2006 mayoral race on Monday morning. Witnesses are not expected to be called to testify until next week.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley