OTTAWA -- The City of Ottawa says two of its emergency childcare centres will reopen after being forced to close as a precaution when staffers became ill.

The Dr. E. Couture Child Care Centre and the Esther By Child Care Centre were temporarily shut down to allow for cleaning and sanitation after employees began experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. The employees immediately went to be tested.

In a memo, the City's general manager of community and social services, Donna Gray, said all tests have come back negative and the centres would be reopening.

The Dr. E. Couture Child Care Centre is reopening Saturday. The Esther By Child Care Centre will reopen Monday, as the families who use it do not need its services this weekend.

"During the closure, these facilities underwent a thorough environmental cleaning. Communications have been provided to families and employees," Gray said.

Gray warned of the possibility of other temporary closures of this nature as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Ottawa.

"Children's Services continues to work in consultation with Ottawa Public Health to monitor, adapt and enhance preventative measures and limit further disruptions to families," Gray said.