Fifteen more intersections across Ottawa will be equipped with red light cameras to catch motorists who run red lights starting at the end of May.

The move will increase the number of intersections with red light cameras from 19 to 34.

The city selected the new locations based on collision data. Those intersections include:

  • King Edward and St-Patrick
  • Bronson and Commissioner/Slater
  • Albert and Booth
  • Bank and Heron
  • Innes and Cyrville
  • Duford/Place d-Orleans West and St-Joseph
  • Greenbank and Berrigan/Wessex
  • Holland and Island Park Dr./NCC Driveway
  • Conroy and Lorry Greenberg
  • Aviation Parkway and Ogilvie
  • Elgin/Pretoria Bridge and Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • Fisher and Meadowland
  • Smyth and Saunderson
  • Strandherd and Jockvale
  • Blair and Ottawa Road 174 westbound/Gloucester Center

Intersections currently equipped with red light cameras include:

  • Bronson Avenue and Carling Avenue
  • Carling Avenue and Richmond Road
  • Coventry/Ogilvie Road and St. Laurent Boulevard
  • Merivale Road and Meadowlands Drive
  • St. Joseph Boulevard and Jeanne d'Arc
  • Eagleson Road and Hazeldean Road
  • Heron Road and Riverside Drive
  • Walkley Road and Russell Road/Hawthorne Road
  • St-Laurent Boulevard and Belfast Road
  • March Road/ Eagleson Road and Campeau Drive/ 417 WB off Ramp
  • Catherine Street and Kent Street
  • Baseline Road and Merivale Road
  • Bank Street and Hunt Club Road
  • Catherine Street and O'Connor Street /417 WB on ramp
  • Charlemagne Boulevard/Tompkins Avenue and Tenthline Road
  • Booth Street and Wellington Street
  • Bank Street and Riverside Drive North
  • Carling Avenue and Island Park Drive
  • Albert Street and Kent Street (The camera at this intersection has been disabled because of construction in the area.)

The cost of the program is expected to be $1.2 million, which will be offset by fines that will be issued as a result of the new cameras.

Currently, drivers who run red lights will be fined $325. Those who run red lights in a Community Safety Zone, including school zones, are fined $490.