OTTAWA -- As the weather starts to shift in Ottawa, so do people's priorities.

It always seems like a race to beat Mother Nature’s first big snowfall by getting your winter tires on early. Just like clockwork, Branch Manager at Frisby Tire in Nepean, Sandro Giaccone, says they are going non-stop.

"It’s the middle of November. It’s always crazy busy. We’re doing between 50 and 55 cars per day," says Giaccone. 

He says all-season tires in Ottawa are more like three-season tires. Using them in the winter, not usually a good idea.

"Winter tires make a big difference," says Giaccone. "All-season tires, after about seven degrees, they start to lose their flexibility. So their traction diminishes the colder the temperature gets. Winter tires are good to about minus 35. So when it’s minus 20 those all season are frozen, very very slippery. The winter tire is performing at its peak."

We are most likely just weeks away from Ottawa turning into a winter wonderland. City of Ottawa Road Services Area Manager, Bryden Denyes, says crews will be ready.

"Staff have been checking equipment. Making sure we have all the material, whether it’s salt or grit ready. Staff are on call. They’re ready to go," says Denyes.

"Whether we get rain, freezing rain or snow, we’ll have our fleet of heavy salt trucks that can apply salt and plow the roads at the same time. As well as our sidewalk machines that can plow and salt. So they’ll be working on the roadways, sidewalks, and also the winter cycling network."

Some can't wait for the snow to arrive. Calabogie Peaks Resort says season passes have been steadily selling and snow-making machines are ready for the colder weather.

Calabogie Peaks COO Jim Hemlin wants people to feel as safe as possible, making vaccines mandatory for all staff this winter.

"It seems that the community is out there and ready to go. I think they’re all embracing the opportunity to get back outside and play in the winter. Which is super exciting," says Hemlin.

"Our complete staff that will be on the resort will all be double vaxxed, creating a safe environment for themselves, and also our guests."

Back at Frisby Tire, time is not only running out to swap your tires, but supply chain delays are causing a tire shortage as well.

"If you haven’t bought winter tires yet, contact us as soon as possible," says Giaccone. "Because we are starting to run out of sizes."

Between Nov. 15 and April 1, the city can declare a winter parking ban when Environment Canada predicts seven centimetres or more of snow in the Ottawa area.