OTTAWA -- All COVID-19 vaccination appointments at mass vaccination clinics in Ottawa are proceeding as scheduled as Ottawa sees a temporary shortage in Moderna vaccine shipments.

Emergency and protective services general manager Anthony Di Monte told reporters on Wednesday that a shipment of Moderna doses would be delayed and staff were looking at what that means for upcoming appointments.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa on Friday, Di Monte said appointments are currently proceeding as scheduled.

"At this time, all appointments are being honoured and the city has not had to cancel any vaccine appointments due to the current vaccine supply," said Di Monte.

"The city is aware of delays to our vaccine shipments and is currently working with the province to develop contingency plans. If there is any impact on residents, we will communicate as soon as possible."

Di Monte said on Thursday the Ontario government proposed options for other vaccines that may become available to fill the gap created by the delays with the Moderna vaccine.

The federal government announced Friday that the Moderna vaccine shipment scheduled for the end of April will be 650,000 doses instead of more than 1.2 million expected.