OTTAWA -- The City of Ottawa says an employee in the Recreation, Culture and Facilities Services department has been placed on investigatory leave while staff investigate public allegations of harassment.

In a memo to Council Saturday afternoon, Recreation, Cultural and Facilities Services general manager Dan Chenier writes, "Over the past few days, the city has been made aware of allegations of harassment, including sexually harassment in the workplace, through social media."

"In addition, there are allegations that complaints were brought to a member of the City of Ottawa management team and that no action was taken.

Chenier adds, "These allegations are extremely troubling, as such, we have taken immediate action. The employee in question is currently on investigatory leave."

Chenier tells Councillors that the City of Ottawa is committed to a harassment-free environment, and any reports of workplace harassment will be investigated in accordance with the city's Violence and Harassment in the Workplace program.

"I recognize that it may be difficult for individuals to engage in an investigative process. However, the city is encouraging anyone who believes they have been harassed to come forward," says Chenier.

"Our goal is to address incidents immediately and directly to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all employees, one where they can feel safe to raise concerns and complaints."