Ottawa city council has overwhelmingly approved a plan to install a segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue by the end of the summer.

The segregated bike lane will run between Bronson Avenue and Elgin Street, using a median to separate cyclists from regular traffic. The motion passed by a vote of 21-2 on Wednesday.

Cyclists in Ottawa have lobbied hard for a safe bike route to cross the city through the downtown core.

"This really marks a turning point," said Alex Devries, a cycling advocate.

The two-year pilot project will cost $1.3 million.

However, not everyone supports the move. Opponents to the plan say they're not opposed to bike lanes, they just think the city chose the wrong street -- it's too busy and too congested.

NCC plans Wellington bike lane

But Laurier Avenue isn't the only street in Ottawa that will get a segregated bike lane this summer.

The National Capital Commission is also planning a pilot project that will put a bike lane on Wellington Street between Bay Street and the Portage Bridge.

The NCC confirmed the plans to CTV Ottawa on Wednesday, saying construction on the two-year pilot project will begin in early summer and should be complete by fall.

The organization says the lanes will run both east and westbound, providing a safer route for cyclists to get to and from the Portage Bridge.

The Wellington pilot project won't extend past Parliament Hill, but the NCC says it will look into that option over the next year.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Carol Anne Meehan and Karen Soloman