You can't blame people for being skeptical when they heard Gloucester's Dominion Outreach Centre was giving away $11,000 in free gas Saturday.

"My mom just called me like five minutes ago," said Anthony Calagoure. "She's like 'they're giving away free gas' and I was like 'what'?"

Hundreds of drivers lined up to receive $50 worth of free gas from the church, which came from money raised by church members. But even the church's pastor had to deal with doubters.

"One lady said all my friends said ‘Don't go! Nobody gives anything away for free, there's a catch to it,'" said Bill Prankard.

With some drivers lining up for five to six hours at the Pioneer Gas Station, even overnight, the giveaway ended up being stretched so everyone could get in.

"All these people right here are getting $10 dollars worth of gas because we don't want to turn them away," said one volunteer.

Churchgoers said the reason for the giveaway was spiritual and financial.

"It's just because we want to bless the community and say to them, God bless you," said Guy Berlinguette.

"(It was for) single moms that said ‘we didn't know what we were going to do this week'," Packard said.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes