How soon is too soon?

July hasn’t even ended yet and many Ottawa retailers have already started their back-to-school sales.

There have been reports that in some stores you can already find Halloween candy.

And, in an extreme case of pre-season marketing, retail giant Costco already has this year’s Christmas merchandise on display.

Yes, Christmas in July.

Reaction is mixed. “It’s crazy,” says one Costco shopper. “I think by the time Christmas comes around you just don’t want to take out your own decorations, you’re so sick of them.”

“I was actually really happy about it,” says another. “I’m like a Christmas fanatic.”

Audy Czigler is conflicted. He’s the owner of Tinseltown Christmas Emporium, Ottawa’s only year-round Christmas store. He says even he doesn’t like to see too much Christmas marketing too soon. But he also notes that people will buy Christmas gifts and decorations, even in the middle of summer. “There’s quite an influx of Christmas-in-July parties that we’ve noticed,” he says.

So what do you think? How soon before an event or holiday should retailers start to capitalize on it?

And are you already shopping for back-to-school?

Let us know your thoughts below.