The doors to a $1.5 million dream home were open for tours Monday as part of CHEO's Dream of a Lifetime lottery.

The grand prize includes a fully-furnished home with massive walk-in closets, a high-end entertainment system, a new car and housecleaning for one year.

Money raised from the sales will go towards helping CHEO give patients the care they need.

"CHEO's home; I've been there. It's all I remember, basically," Kelsey Lett, a long-time CHEO patient who has cystic fibrosis, told CTV Ottawa's Max Keeping on Monday.

"This is my last year at CHEO . . . and I just, I don't want to leave -- that's my family."

The dream home is just off Prince of Wales Drive near Woodroffe Avenue in the city's south end. Organizers say they hope to sell 60,000 tickets.

Tickets can be purchased at banks, over the phone or online.