Residents in Chelsea are worried that one of the lakes in the region might dry up as workers try to fix a dam that holds one side of the lake.

The lake was created fifty years ago when a creek was dammed by a developer named Lyle Beamish. The dam created Beamish Lake.

But the dam is now failing and the town of Chelsea says drastic actions are needed to fix it. Homeowners around the lake worry that those actions will cause the lake to dry up.

"We'll start seeing the devastation and it won't be pretty to look at," said Chelsea resident Murray Esselmont.

Chelsea will start lowering the water level on Beamish Lake on Friday. This year though the water will drop one to two metres, much more than usual.

"If the dam fails with serious rainfall or serious erosion of dam, then there is no lake anymore," said town councillor Edmond Hetu. "And the possibility of rebuilding a dam that's failed is very difficult."

The problem was discovered after Quebec's dams came under scrutiny last summer after several problems with flooding.

The city will hold a public meeting on Thursday to explain the problem to residents afraid of losing their lake.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr