Two lanes of the Chaudi�re bridge were re-opened Wednesday morning by Public Works and Government Services Canada after closing one week earlier.

However, speed and weight restrictions remain in effect until further structural analysis is complete. Traffic will be limited to 40 km/h, and no trucks over five tones will be allowed.

The bridge was closed Dec. 3 after a regular inspection showed structural cracks in some of the arches.

Short and long-term action plans to repair and maintain the Chaudi�re crossing will be complete in coming weeks, according to federal engineers, who added they have done thorough inspections during the bridge's closure.

"While some of the stone found in the arches have deteriorated, there is no visible evidence of distress that would indicate structural overloading. Therefore, the engineer has recommended that a portion of the bridge could be safely re-opened to passenger cars and pedestrians," said Pierre Vaillancourt of Public Works.