Zuber Abdurahman normally sells a couple of copies of Charlie Hebdo each week at his Byward Market store, Globe Mags and Cigars. The French satirical magazine has never been a big seller.

But this week is different.

“We’ve been receiving calls every minute,” says Abdurahman. “And some people stop by the store and they ask us if they could get a copy of it.

It’s the same story over at Mags and Fags on Elgin Street. “We’ve probably had over a hundred calls at this point, just in the past two days actually,” says manager Eric Elgar.

Local demand for this once-obscure magazine is sky-rocketing as people react to the deadly shooting at its Paris headquarters last week. The editors were targeted for depicting images of the prophet Muhammad.

“I think it’s just a show of support,” says Jean-Philip Guy, manager of Librairie du Soleil in the Byward Market. “I think curiosity on the other side. And I think just to be part of what’s making the news.”

Proceeds from the sale of this week’s edtion go to support the families of the shooting victims.

Unfortunately, initial supply of the magazine in Canada won’t even come close to meeting the demand. Louis-Philip Bermeersch of LMPI, Charlie Hebdo’s Canadian distributor, says they normally get 100 copies a week. This week they’re getting 1500.

Just 30 of those are coming to Ottawa. Bermeersch says Globe Mags, Mags and Fags, and Librairie Reflexion in Gatineau are getting 5 copies each. Librairie du Soleil is getting 15.

Most buyers will simply have to be patient. Charlie Hebdo is responding to the demand by ramping up production into the millions. More copies are expected to arrive in Canada over the next few weeks.