Police have arrested a 15-year-old youth in connection with the death of Damian Sobieraj in Hardy Park in September.

The youth from Brockville, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is facing charges of Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence Causing Death, Obstruct Police, and Assault.

Damian's death has been listed as 'suspicious' after he went missing from Hardy Park.

Police say they received a call for a 'disturbance' on September 13, just after 10:30pm. The man indicated he had been in an "altercation" in the park with a group of youths.

Police say before 9-1-1 dispatchers could get his name and location, the call was dropped.

Officers responding to the scene stopped a group of youths leaving the park, who said they had no knowledge of any call to police. Police say they couldn't find anyone in the park.

It was through the caller’s cell phone company they learned the emergency call came from Damian. With the help of the Brockville Police K9 Unit, they searched the park, finding only his car and his dog Rosie, tied up.

OPP Underwater Search & Rescue Unit found Damian the next day in the St. Lawrence River, a short distance from the parks shoreline.

Staff Sgt. Tom Fournier, in charge of the criminal investigations office, says from there they've identified and questioned those who were in the park that night.

"Since that time, four officers have been working full-time," he says. "Because of the number of people involved, and the complications of the investigation, it's taken some time to get where we are."

"But we're pleased to announce that we've made an arrest."

The police have asked residents to respect the family's privacy.

Fournier says they've been in constant contact with Damian’s mom throughout the entire process.

"They're of course mourning, they've been supportive of us," he says. "They are aware of the issues we faced with the investigation."

But he says they’re offering their support, "It's been a real rough, rough time.”