A former University of Ottawa law student has been singled out by CFRA talk show host Lowell Green after a domain name surfaced with his name on it.

The web address: LowellGreen.ca, redirected traffic to the Morgentaler abortion clinic in Ottawa.

"These guys think it's funny . . . he's probably a far left wing; he probably thinks he will slander me and get away with it . . . well he didn't," said Green.

The talk show host's lawyer contacted the man behind the domain name on Monday, demanding he take it down because "Lowell Green" is considered a registered trademark.

CTV Ottawa spoke to Wassim Garzouzi on Tuesday. He said he created the domain name 18 months ago to draw attention to another cause.

Garzouzi said he linked the web address to the abortion clinic after hearing Green discuss the issue on air about 16 months ago. The domain name has since been taken down. 

CFRA is owned by CTVglobemedia, which also owns CTV Ottawa.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Kate Eggins