Mark and Channa McEachen could be the richest family in Douglas, ON.

McEachen had the winning ticket in last night's Catch the Ace Lottery draw; claiming the $574,002.50 grand prize in support of the Deep River and District Hospital.

"I was in shock." said the husband and father, who purchased the winning ticket at the Bear's Den in Deep River; where he worked for the past month as a contractor in town.

At first, McEachen had no idea he'd won the grand prize; at the time of the draw he was an hour away in Eganville.

"I was at my daughter's hockey game, I walked out of the rink and got some strange texts from a bunch of people I haven't really talked to lately." said McEachen.

His wife, who was driving home from the hockey game, was so emotional she handed the wheel over to her husband.

"I honestly could not get a good night's sleep." said Channa McEachen. "Just so many things going through your head. It's a life-changing experience."

Residents in the village of Douglas; a population of 250, are proud the prize stayed in the Ottawa Valley.

"I just thought somebody local should win it...Because the local people support all that kind of stuff." said Bobby Campbell of Braeside.

"Not very often, anybody's ever won that kind of money. Especially in Douglas. Nobody's ever won that kind of money..he's probably the richest man in douglas for sure." said Terry McHale.

McHale's daughter Kathleen used to babysit McEachen. "Everybody knows them." said Kathleen Crozier-McHale.

The McEachen's win Thursday night ends 50 weeks of anticipation. The Catch the Ace lottery brought in more than $750,000 to buy new x-ray and imaging equipment for the area hospital.

McEachen plans on taking his kids to Blue Jays games in Toronto this summer and to visit Channa's sister out west. He's also been given the green light to buy a new truck.

The only change might be who pays for the grocery bill.

"Everything is pretty well the same." said McEachen. "She picked up the bill...I told her I'd get it next time."