The campaign to raise money for Deep River’s hospital continues; the jackpot prize of $307,803 remained elusive for a 47th week.

In need of new imaging equipment, the hospital’s foundation launched a $1.75-million campaign designed to buy new imaging equipment for X-Ray and ultrasound to replace machines in use for more than 25 years.

Thursday's Catch the Ace lottery draw in Deep River had a weekly prize of more than $29,000; claimed by Amanda Hockley, an Educational Assistant from Deep River. Hockley's card, a 10 of clubs was drawn shortly after 8pm in a room full of eager lottery ticket buyers.



Five cards remain; including the grand prize-winning ace of spades, which could now be worth more than $350,000 by next Thursday.

Weekly prizes have totalled more than $130,000 and with last week’s luck winner taking home $23,000.