A veterinary clinic in Rockland is appealing to the public to help find a beloved cat that was stolen from its clinic in broad daylight.

A surveillance video shows Binx the cat being snatched by a couple from the Lafontaine Veterinary Clinic last Friday.

The clinic says a young woman distracted the receptionist while a man walked out with the cat. The couple is believed to be in their 20s.

"He's not a pure bred cat. He's not worth a lot of money, but he's worth a lot to us," said Dr. Jeanne Vachon of the Lafontaine Veterinary Clinic.

Binx is a long-haired, 20-pound feline. He's also a therapy cat for employee Melissa Gaudrault, a 17-year-old girl who has autism.

Gaudrault started volunteering at the clinic three years ago. She developed a bond with Binx, and her relationship with the cat helped bring her out of her shell.

"He just knew when she had anxiety. He knew when she was happy; he knew when she was sad. He knew when she was frustrated and he would follow her -- follow her everywhere in the clinic," said Ann Lalonde, Gaudrault's mother.

"When they stole Binx, they stole Melissa's therapy; they stole her confidence."

Gaudrault has been devastated since the cat was snatched. She calls out his name all the time.

The clinic is now offering a $500-reward for information leading to an arrest. Still, Vachon is hoping the couple just brings the cat back.

"They can do it anonymously, put him in a crate on the front step."

Anyone with information about Binx's whereabouts can contact the clinic at 613-446-0032.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman