Some Ottawa car owners finding out the hard way just how heavy snow and ice can be.

Their windshields are smashed, their vehicles are dented - all from snow sliding off roofs.

David Llewellyn-Huntley heard a loud crash a couple of nights ago outside his rental apartment on McLeod Street, in Ottawa’s Centretown neighbourhood.

“The next day I went outside,” he says,  “and there were massive ice chunks everywhere that had landed on the hood of my car, completely smashed it.”  Llewellyn-Huntley says when he went out to take pictures of the damage, some more ice came crashing down. “It was just amazing no one was hurt or killed by the massive chunks of ice.”

A few streets over on 5th Avenue in the Glebe, two acquaintances found their cars smashed as well.  One had its windshield completely blown out, the other had a broken windshield and dents in the hood.

Llewellyn-Huntley’s car ended up at a Speedy Auto Glass shop in downtown Ottawa.  Manager Marty Samson says they’ve seen half a dozen cars this week that have been damaged by falling ice and snow.

“It does a lot of damage to vehicles,” says Samson, “you can get your hood caved in, side pillars damaged, wipers broken. It can potentially endanger someone sitting in the vehicle.”

David Llewellyn-Huntley knows he lucky he wasn’t hurt and plans to park his vehicle further away from the house from now on.