A planned protest by Carleton University students against its student union for deciding to cancel the school's annual Shinerama campaign in accordance to the belief the disease is not inclusive and only affects "white people, and primarily men," morphed into a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis Thursday afternoon.

Although the president of the students' association said council would introduce a motion to reverse the decision at their next meeting, a group of Carleton students decided to turn the situation into something positive, marching across campus, handing out information about cystic fibrosis and collecting money for the cause.

"Let's show people that 17 people don't speak for all of us. Let's raise as much money as we can and turn it into something positive," said one of the rally organizers.

Students say they will press their union to reverse its decision about Shinerama at an emergency meeting on Monday.

If the new motion passes, Shinerama will go ahead as planned next September.

Carleton students have participated in Shinerama for 24 years and have raised nearly $1 million for the cause.

The Shinerama campaign for cystic fibrosis began in 1964, and events are held at about 60 Canadian university and college campuses. Students shine shoes, wash cars and hold other fundraising events as part of the campaign. The program has raised nearly $19 million for the CCFF.