A test ride with a $135,000 Mercedes has landed two employees of an Ottawa car dealership in hot water.

The head technician at Star Motors on Hunt Club Road, along with another employee, took a special edition Mercedes C63 for a drive reaching excessive speeds through Ottawa's south end.

They videotaped the entire journey and posted it onYouTube

When the general manager of the dealership found out, the employee driving the vehicle offered to quit.

"The resignation was not accepted however serious disciplinary action was imposed on both employees," said Yves Laberge, general manager of Star Motors.

The dealership also had to notify Doug Assaly, who had purchased the car.

Although he says they should not have been driving that way, he's not overly concerned.

"The dealership called me. They were apologetic, they compensated me as well which I didn't expect," he said.

The video posted on YouTube was shown to Ottawa Police Cst. Marc Soucy. He says his main concern was how fast the vehicle was going, in a residential area where the posted speed limit is 50 km/hr.

"It's borderline careless driving. I would see it going to court," he said.

Laberge says road tests like this probably happen all over the country, but is looking to take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. They include adding transponders to vehicles so dealerships can track where vehicles are driven and how.