Ottawa Police say a double-decker car carrier trailer was too tall as it drove along West Hunt Club Road Tuesday afternoon, hitting traffic lights along the way.

At around 4:30 p.m., Police say the driver had unloaded some vehicles on Antares Drive. Other vehicles remained on the top level, but it had not been lowered before driving away. As the truck proceeded westbound on West Hunt Club, the trailer’s height caused the minivan on top to hit several traffic lights, damaging them.

The malfunctioning lights caused traffic delays in the area during the afternoon rush hour.

The truck then turned north onto Greenbank Road, where it hit a few more lights before reaching the railway bridge south of Baseline. A vehicle on the top level struck the bridge and fell. That’s when the driver stopped.

No one was hurt, and Police say it doesn’t appear the bridge suffered any structural damage.

Charges against the truck driver are pending.