OTTAWA -- From the moment they enter Grade 9, Canterbury High School students look forward to taking part in their final year drama production.

Despite not being able to perform for an in-person audience this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve found a way for the show to go on — but, there are ‘No Promises.’

“This is something we have been working really hard on, and we want to share it with as many people as possible,” says Ben Van Dine, a student. “Essentially we’ve tried to adapt this tradition; take it in a totally new direction.”

‘No Promises: An Anthology,’ is the graduating classes’ drama production, which will be shown virtually this year.

However, it’s more than just a stage show streamed online.

“Bodies of work that are about students coping through the pandemic and current life, through art; a mosaic of a bunch of different themes,” says Van Dine.

Small groups put together difference scenes, which will be compiled for anyone to watch online, June 3.

“I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all the scenes that were filmed by other students, as well as finished products of the scenes that I was in,” says Cleo Farha, another student taking part.

It’s art imitating life.

“I think one of my favourite scenes was how celebrations have changed since being in a pandemic and a time of COVID-19,” says Farha.

They’re more than just adapting to the pandemic, they’re learning new skills, says student John Vo.

“The fact that we are doing this on a virtual format has really helped all of us. We’ve learned about editing, and more so, how acting on film can be different.”

“I think having this opportunity to work on myself, and to work on gaining confidence on-camera was something i could never have asked for. It was amazing to have development,” says Meagan O’Neill, who is looking forward to watching all of the projects on June 3.

The students are leaving their own unique mark on a long tradition at the school.

“Just being able to experience this one, unique thing for the first time ever in the history of Canterbury drama has been really, really cool,” says Secret Shields, a Grade 12 student.

It’s been challenging to teach drama virtually throughout the year, but Drama teacher Jeff Lawson says the students have adapted.

“These students have been amazing from the get-go for their Grade 12 year. They’ve kind of just rolled with the punches.”

To watch on June 3, a link will appear on the production's Instagram page