OTTAWA -- Ottawa couple Lindsey Vergette and Darsey O’Hara are on their fourth wedding attempt in the last few years. 

Vergette is living with stage four salivary gland cancer, and has had to cancel her first two weddings for this reason. 

“There was tumours in both lungs and both hips, in my spine, on my skull,” says Vergette. 

The cost for treatment was much too expensive at the time to think about spending money on a wedding, so they put it on hold. 

When they were finally ready to try for the third time on March 29, they ran into another road block. But this time it wasn’t the cancer. 

“We had our flowers, we had our cake, we had photography, we had everything,” says Vergette. “Then this COVID happened. “

Another wedding cancelled. But that won’t stop them from getting married. They have plans to get married on May 9 on O'Hara’s brother’s front lawn. And to obey the physical distancing rules, guest will be able to watch from the street in their parked cars. 

The wedding will also be streamed live online for friends and family to watch.

Lindsey and Darsey also received a nice surprise from radio station MAJIC 100, who have called in some help from a couple of friends. 

Elisabeth Young, owner of Flowers Talk Tivloli, says, “we’re gonna do a beautiful floral bouquet for her and then a boutonnière if they’d like, so they can get some beautiful pictures.”

And Diva Cupcakes has also agreed to supply the wedding cake. Owner Tracy Leblanc says “I was on board with this from the beginning because they’ve been through so much and they just wanna get married.”

The Ottawa Senators also sent them a short congratulatory video thanks to MAJIC 100. 

The couple is excited to finally tie the knot and start their lives together as husband and wife.

“After all the headaches of planning it, I’m so happy its coming and regardless, we’re gonna be married,” says Vergette.

“I’m hoping there’s gonna be some nice weather but well have to wait and see.”