Some Canadians are choosing to stay in Ukraine as the war continues.

In Lviv, Russian forces are firing missiles from the Black Sea, hundreds of kilometres away.

"I could hear the explosions," said Christine Eliashevsky, who is from Ontario and has family in Ottawa. "I didn’t see them, but they’re not far."

Eliashevsky says she has never thought about leaving.

"My family of course are very worried, but it’s not an option to leave," she said.

Meanwhile in the capital of Kyiv, Russian troops are moving closer.

Lada Roslycky, who is also from Ontario, escaped the capital only weeks ago.

“Everything is still there, including my dog, I really miss my dog a lot,” she said. 

Roslycky said she escaped with only one backpack.

She remains in hiding and is trying to stay safe.

"We are continuing to suffer from air raid sirens every night and during the day," she said. "The threat of chemical warfare being used is becoming more real."

Meanwhile, as the situation intensifies, Ukrainians are still fleeing the war-torn country in droves.

“It’s absolutely horrific and hard to imagine what it’s like to be living there,” said Cassian Soltykevych, from the Ottawa chapter of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. 

Canadians are watching closely and continue to try to help from overseas.

“Fundraising continues to be our number one priority,” said Soltykevych. “The number two thing is to prepare for refugees who will be arriving in Ottawa and across Canada in the coming weeks.”

More than 3.3 million have fled the country so far.