The way we buy groceries is changing. Canadians are buying their groceries from more and more retailers. Most recently, Canadian Tire, a department store known for tools and car repairs, put cereal and loafs of bread on their shelves.

Scott Munro is among the many people stocking their cupboards from different sources. On a recent visit to Canadian Tire, he bought a few snacks.

"Well, I've bought peanut butter and coffee and I've bought cookies today for my office," he told CTV Ottawa.

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Canadian Tire stores in Ottawa recently rolled out a major expansion of stores that sell food. After testing the market at certain locations, all Canadian Tire stores in the capital now have a grocery section, selling everything from milk and eggs to frozen foods and baking supplies.

Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart are among the department stores fighting for a piece of the grocery pie. Why not pick up a TV, and a TV dinner?

"People really want that ability to one-stop shop and just get everything done in one trip. So, convenience, convenience, convenience is something our customers seem to be asking for, for sure," said Linda Pulles, a general manager at Canadian Tire.

Shoppers who spoke to CTV Ottawa agree, saying convenience is often top-of-mind when it comes to shopping.

"Well, if I go in for oil, I can get food at the same time," said customer Carl Boileau.

"I think it's great. While he's shopping, I do my own shopping and that's what I go for -- the food. And it comes in handy if you're at one store instead of three or four stores," added Ann Boileau.

Traditional grocery stores are also changing. For example, the Loblaw chain offers groceries, clothes, cell phones and other electronics all under one roof.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley