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Canadian soldiers land in Kingston, Ont. for national chess championship

Undated photo of a person playing chess. (Pixabay/Pexels) Undated photo of a person playing chess. (Pixabay/Pexels)

Some of the Canadian military's best chess players are in Kingston, Ont. this weekend.

The Royal Military College is hosting the 13th annual Canadian Military Chess Championship. Fifty players are competing.

Chess is considered the oldest military war game that is still being played today.

Players say it's not just fun, it helps them on the job, too.

I think it’s really a great task to work on your mental fortitude," said Officer Cadet William Toan Than, "your analysis, your strategic skills. Don’t make any mistakes."

The tournament is open to active or retired Canadian Armed Forces members, and active or retired Department of National Defence civilians. "It’s a great tool to really refine your critical thinking skills," Officer Cadet Tristan Baller said. "To be able to think deeply about something, to sit down and concentrate and try to work out problems; you know, think ahead. It’s definitely something that’s applicable to everybody."

The Canadian Military Chess Championship is a qualifying event for the chance to represent Canada at the NATO Chess Championship in Slovenia this September.

The Royal Military College chess club volunteered to host this year's event to allow full participation from club members. This is the third time the college has hosted the national tournament. The club has been active since 2012 and naval/officer cadets have been participating in the annual match with the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Canadian Military Chess Championship and the Nato Chess Championship. Top Stories

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