VIA Rail may have barked up the wrong tree when they booted Jann Arden and her dog off a train headed to Ottawa yesterday. Now Arden is speaking out saying she wasn't aware of the policy.

"People seem to think that I tried to sneak the dog on."

Arden says at least five employees saw her with the dog before boarding in Toronto. But it wasn't until she was on the train and it started moving that an employee said she had to get off at the next stop in Oshawa.

The Canadian singer/song-writer immediately turned to Twitter and vented her frustration to some 38,000 followers.

She says she felt abandoned and had to hire a car to take her the rest of the way in order to make her concert on time.

According to VIA's website, all pets – with the exception of guide dogs – must travel in a baggage car. Arden says she travels with her small dog often.

"Maybe it was me just being naïve, but I fly with her all the time, we pre-book her, pay our little fee, put a little tag on her bag."

Arden is in Ottawa as part of her "Uncovering Canada tour." She performed at the National Arts Centre Sunday night.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Claudia Cautillo