Canada’s blood supply is in a dire situation, and with donations dropping to the lowest level in nearly a decade there is an immediate need for more donors.

Blood collection has been in a steady decline during the pandemic, especially with those who donate regularly. Canadian Blood Services, which operates a national inventory of blood products, says it is closely monitoring the situation as there is only a few of days worth or some of the most used blood types, like the most universal type-O.

In a statement, CBS notes that the need for blood is constant. Cancer patients, accident and trauma victims, people undoing surgery and those with blood disorders rely on blood, platelet and plasma transfusions each day.

”The national blood inventory continues to meet patients’ needs, but Canada needs 100,000 new donors this year to keep up with demand. There are 57,000 open appointments that must be filled before the end of August across Canada.”

Anyone considering donating blood is urged to visit to book an appointment or call 1-888-2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283). Same day appointments are available.