Adam Brice knows Nerf.

Over the past few years, the 14-year-old from Kingston, Ontario has made over 130 YouTube videos about Nerf blasters – those toy guns that shoot soft foam darts. He’s created his own YouTube channel called Nerfboy Productions.

“I just started making videos with my dad’s camera like, hey guys it’s Nerfboy Productions here. Check out the new… whatever the blaster might be,” he says.

He reviews the latest products. He shows you how you can modify them. And some of his most popular videos are comedy skits with his friends called “Nerf Wars.”

It turns out Brice hit a Nerf nerve. He now has over 116-thousand subscribers. His videos have had over 33-million views.

In fact, he’s become so popular that Hasbro now ships him new products before they hit the stores.

And his YouTube channel brings in thousands of dollars in advertising revenue.

The teen won’t say how much money he is making but he does say with a laugh, “More than all my teachers that are teaching me at high school.”

The YouTube tracking site,, projects that Nerfboy Productions could make over $57-thousand in the next four months alone.

“It’s crazy. I never even meant for it to be a business,” says Brice.

The fact he can make any money at all on YouTube is a wonder to his father. “Yeah, when I was a kid to make money it was learning how to use a wheelbarrow and a shove,” says Joe Brice. “It wasn’t YouTube, that’s for sure.”