Canada’s first cannabis- friendly golf course is coming to Smiths Falls.

Lombard Glen Golf Course is being renamed Rolling Greens and will have its grand opening on Saturday.

“It’s BYOB...we don’t sell (cannabis) we don’t grow it- but we welcome it,” says Gordon Weiske, Director of Entertainment for the new course. The course is trying to attract a new crowd, capitalizing on the cannabis tourism industry in Smiths Falls.

Weiske says, “While everyone else is wanting to be a grower or a seller, here is an untapped market. Our goal is to bring a lot of foreign tourists to the golf course and to Smiths Falls.”

The course will follow provincial and federal laws; wherever smoking cigarettes is permitted, so will smoking weed.

There will also be a 19-plus-age requirement. Employees will be smart serve certified.

Weiske says “intoxication is intoxication. So you have to be responsible…There should always be a designated driver and Rolling Greens will also have a shuttle bus running to downtown Smiths Falls.”

Smiths Falls has been growing since Tweed and Canopy Growth came to town a few years.

Rolling Greens says it hopes to be part of the “cannabis capital of Canada.”