Her job is to help Canadian spirits soar during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Shuéme, a snowy old, unveiled as the tournament’s official mascot.

“She represents youthful playfulness, what the sport embodies and the fitness level of everybody in our country,” says Peter Montopoli, 2015 Women’s World Cup CEO.

There was mixed reaction to the mascot some wondering if a snowy owl was the best choice.

“It's a little too skinny, Looks like a puny bird,” says one woman.

“I think the owl is pretty cool. It's fluffy and large,” says a new young fan who just took her picture with Shuéme on Parliament Hill.

The name is a combination of two French words: “chouette” and “amie” which translates into owl-friend.

Some think the name and symbol doesn’t properly portray Canada’s competitiveness in the sport of women’s soccer.

“It could be more wild. I don't know, aggressive,” says one man.

Others think it suits Canada perfectly.

“It almost feels like it represents peace almost...and kind of brings community together,” says a young soccer fan.

Shuéme is already spreading her wings to the West Coast. She’s flying to Vancouver to help cheer on Team Canada in a women’s friendly match against Germany on June 18.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua